Do You Deserve A Spanking?

plateComplete bliss in a marriage is a fairy tale, and anyone who expects things to be perfect all of the time will certainly be disappointed.  There will always be those moments of conflict in any relationship, and in a discipline relationship how those moments are handled must be carefully considered.

A discipline spanking for breaking rules is pretty simple and straight forward.  Spanking for an attitude or “bad moment” is a very different story.  Depending on the circumstances, if I decide to settle things with a discipline spanking it could actually escalate the situation, not resolve it.

Discipline is not always the best way to solve a problem or correct a behavior.  I believe that there are times when a calm discussion and a loving hug can be more effective than a discipline spanking to put us back on the same page.  I have also found that sometimes it is most effective to let my wife take time to think about her behavior and decide if a discipline spanking is in order.  While this may not be common practice in most discipline relationships, it works for us.

So whether the best solution to a particular situation is a discipline spanking or a caring hug, when the dust settles closeness and resolution is what it’s all about no matter what it takes to get there.


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  1. Seriously hot marriage.

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