Finding The Time For A Spanking

plateOne of our biggest challenges with a discipline relationship is finding the time for a spanking.  It is not because of our busy lives (although that can sometimes be a challenge in itself) but more because we simply do not have enough alone time in the house, or at least at the appropriate times.

This happened over the weekend when my wife admittedly needed some quality time over my lap. Not for a discipline spanking, , but for what we refer to as a good girl spanking – the comfort and security of my hand on her bare bottom.  However, the events of a busy holiday weekend and a full household prevented it from happening.

On one hand, the anticipation of a pink stingy bottom and the special attention that normally follows a good girl spanking can be a good thing – as anticipation in itself can be very invigorating.

On the other hand, too much time and anticipation can lead to frustration, and frustration can lead to a bad attitude, and a bad attitude can lead to, well, trouble. That anticipated and much needed good girl spanking can turn into a well deserved and uncomfortable discipline spanking before you can say “pull your panties down.” 

Fortunately (for my wife’s cute little bottom) we did not get to that point this weekend before we found some quality time alone, but it was close.  We did learn that putting off a spanking – whether it’s a good girl spanking or a discipline spanking – is something we need to try and avoid in the future.


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