I Would Prefer A Good Girl Spanking

1I think I need to explain the differences in a good girl spanking versus a bad girl spanking in our marriage.

Bad Girl spankings are when I don’t follow the rules that we agreed on.  Simple. They are swift hand spankings, not long, but hard and certainly remind me of the reason I am over his lap at that moment.  All Bad Girl Spankings are done in one place.

No he doesn’t say you need to go there and think about it.  And no he does not sit there and say undress.  Any undressing is done by him, and he always reminds me of why I am going to be spanked (like I don’t already know.)

I am sure everyone thinks well if he only uses his hand how hard could that hurt, how effective could that be.  Well I will tell you that it does,  and it is very effective.

A Good Girl spanking is when I need to feel him close.  That is all it is.

I just need to lay across his lap and feel his hand on my bottom.  This is the time I can just let it all out, I can tell him all about my day, and if I need to cry or complain I can – and he is right there to help me move passed it.   All I know is that this makes me feel safe, secure and loved.

The bottom line is during a spanking, good girl or bad girl,  I know I have his full attention and his complete focus is on me and our marriage.


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