A Spanking Scale, Really?

1Why do men have to look at everything like a challenge?  Here is how I think that goes – Bill says “So Bob I gave my wife a #5 spanking last night.”  And Bob says “Oh Bill I have done that many times, she actually prefers a #5 spanking so I have had to raise the scale. We are now at #8 when she breaks a rule that she knows and has agreed to not to break. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose.”

Like I said, a spanking scale, really?  Like I don’t have the same emotion, knowing that I didn’t follow the rule that I agreed too.  I know what I agreed to and you don’t see me talking to my girlfriends saying “Hey my husband gave me a #9 spanking on the scale and I lived to tell about it.“ 

I am sure there will be a discussion about this post.

plateI did not say that a spanking scale is a good idea – in fact, I think it’s a bit silly.  But, for the purpose of illustration I pointed out that the spanking was only a 2 on a 1-5 scale.

Now,  if we did have such a scale, I might mention that my wife has had frequent 1’s and 2’s, an occasional 3, maybe once close to a 4, but never a 5.

Then again, tomorrow is a new day.


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