Summer Is Over, Am I Ready?

1I love the change of seasons.  You go from bitter cold to the sweet smell of warmth.  Today was the first day of sunny warmth with a small wind with a bite of cold.  Meaning here comes fall.  Leaves changing color, falling off of the trees and everyone getting ready for winter.  This also means the start of lots of time together indoors which can be a lot of fun and also a little challenging.

Lots of time together with no place to go – our house has a lot of space but I can see myself getting some additional ‘special’ attention.

plateYes, this is very true.  The household rules don’t change with the seasons but the opportunity to break them certainly increases.  Heaters and lights left on,  robes on the bedroom floor,  wet shoes and jackets not put away properly – yes, the coming of winter and more time inside certainly does increase the chance of a discipline spanking.  A warm glowing fire and a warm glowing bottom…ah, the joys of winter.


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