Submission Is Not About Control

1As a woman it is perfectly right for you to tell your husband that you need him, you need his help, support, guidance, comfort and for him to take care of you.

I realize that many think a discipline relationship is just another way for a man to control a woman.  But it really isn’t.  It is about two people communicating and agreeing together on what is important in their relationship.

And yes, in this relationship I do submit to him.  I do get disciplined when appropriate.  Do I like to get these types of spankings?  No, nor does my husband like to give them.

But let’s talk about submitting and what it really is and means.  To submit means you give all control to someone else.  It means you have complete trust in them that they will make the right decision and do what is right.  This should not be taken lightly by either person.  This isn’t something you do because you think it would be fun to be spanked.

And if you think about it,  you probably already do this especially when your husband makes love to you. Do you not submit to him and let him take complete control – and do you not like the outcome?


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