Speak Up, Even About The Little Things

plateSome may think that discipline in a relationship would stifle communication – if my wife speaks up or disagrees with me, she would be punished for it.  Maybe it works that way in some relationships but not around here.  In fact, speaking openly is a rule in our marriage, and my wife understands that she is more likely to get an uncomfortable bare bottom spanking for not speaking up than she ever would for challenging me about something.

Obviously this does not mean it is ok to be disrespectful, demanding, or defiant.  Those are all things that would result in a sore bottom on their own.  What it does mean is being comfortable to speak openly and communicate about things big or small.  Actually, I think sometimes it’s the little stuff that can lead to the most trouble.

We had a chance to better define this rule a few nights ago when she was silently unhappy with my choice to watch a particular television program.  It was something I ran across channel surfing and thought we would enjoy it, but honestly I didn’t care much one way or another and would have been just as happy to watch something else.  Instead of speaking up and saying “Let’s watch something else” my wife didn’t say a word, and we know where ‘suffering in silence’ often leads – anger and frustration – and it did.

Even though my wife ended up over my lap and with a sore bottom because of her attitude, the incident gave us the chance to have a long talk about how important it is to the harmony in our marriage to always speak your mind – even about the little things.


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  1. This sounds like a nice relationship. Just the kind of spanking relationship I enjoy with my Sir. I like reading about people within a similar relationship, it makes me feel less… Abnormal. Keep up the good writing guys 👍

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