What Does Vanilla Mean?

1I have seen on many sites the talk about the relationship becoming vanilla.  At first I thought what does that mean?  Then I realized it means plain and boring.  I was shocked that any relationship could be considered plain.

Just doing the day to day stuff is boring?  By saying this it means that you don’t appreciate all the little things that your husband or spouse does for you.  Such as making you a cup of coffee in the morning or making sure you have a lunch for work.  And maybe you make sure that your husband knows each and every day how much you love and adore him by all the little things you do for him.

I guess the vanilla thing is the idea that if you are in a discipline relationship, discipline needs to happen every day to keep things interesting.  This is not true.   A Discipline relationship doesn’t mean drama 24/7.

If you think your relationship is a flavor of ice cream, then maybe you need to get a new relationship.


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