I Am Not Donna Reed

1During my surfing from one Discipline site to another and reading comments posted by those in a Discipline relationship, along with comments made by those who aren’t, it appears to me that most comments posted by those who aren’t in a Discipline relationship think that women in a Discipline relationship are needy or we appear to be needy because that is what our Dominant wants.

Not all women in a Discipline relationship are needy, and those who act like they are should be ashamed.  In a true Discipline relationship, the Dominant does not want you to be needy or appear to be needy.  Saying you need his help or support does not mean you are needy – it just means you are sharing your life with the one you love and he is doing the same to show you how much he loves and cares for you.

In our Discipline relationship my husband wants to be the one ( and is the one ) that I go to when I need help, guidance or just need to be held. Yes, there are times I feel needy but I only show those times to my husband.  No one else sees it.

The Dominant one wants to take care of you and make sure you know you are loved and safe.  In a true Discipline relationship women are to be equals.  My husband does not make all the decisions.  We make them together for our household.  But when you give the appearance that you can’t do anything for yourself without asking your “Daddy” I believe it creates confusion as to what a true Discipline relationship is and tells other women that may want or think a Discipline relationship would be good for their relationship that they have to act a certain way or act like someone they are not.

It is natural for men to be the Head of Household, and it is natural for women to not want to be the HOH and respect his leadership.  I am no Donna Reed, and I don’t wait for my “Daddy” to tell me what I can or can’t do.


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