What If I Break A Rule?

plateBeing the Head of Household does not make me perfect, and I do not approach my role as the HOH with the attitude that I am perfect.  My wife does not expect me to be perfect, and I do not expect her to be perfect.  We are human and we are bound to make mistakes.

One of the most common questions about a Discipline relationship is “if your wife is spanked for breaking a rule or for some other reason, what happens when you break a rule?”  It’s a fair question, and one that I can only answer for how things work in our relationship and nobody else.

I can tell you that before introducing Discipline in our relationship, my mistakes or lack of follow-though with my responsibilities was nowhere near what it is today.

Now, with defined roles and responsibilities in our relationship my commitment and obligation to both my wife and my family is very strong – stronger than I can tell you.  I approach everything I do with a commitment to follow the same rules I expect from my wife, especially the things that we have agreed would guarantee her a sore bottom.

In the end, if I make a mistake or do not meet my obligation to my wife and family, I am much harder on myself than I would ever be on my wife’s cute little bottom.  Actually, I think that when it comes to clearing the slate and forgiveness, she has it easier than I do.


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