My Very First Spanking, Revisited

1When my husband first talked to me about a Discipline lifestyle, I was kind of like huh?  I knew about people who liked to be spanked but had not really heard about it this way before.  He sat me down and said here are the basics, here are some different web sites and then he said, I think this is what we need in our marriage. 

I did a lot of homework looking for a 101 dummy guide to a Discipline life but of course there isn’t one.  Then I wrote down all my questions and the things that scared me.  We talked about it a lot to make sure we were both on the same page of how we wanted this to work in our marriage.  As I stated before “Corner Time” is not something we practice, but if it works for you great.  That’s just the type of thing we discussed and came to agreement on.

Next we needed to see if I was comfortable lying across his lap.  At first I was nervous then I realized how painful this could be and then I was scared because I didn’t know if I could emotionally accept the pain.  Submitting to my husband has never really been an issue.  But submitting almost instantly was a concern.

After lying across his lap and being spanked I realized that there truly was a closer connection between us just waiting for us to take advantage of this and to fall deeper in love with each other.

After my very first spanking we both also realized that I liked being spanked without me even telling Daddy since my panties were very wet.  Now they are wet regardless if I get a “Good Girl” spanking or a “Bad Girl” spanking although I would prefer….well you know.  Thank you Daddy.


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  1. I haven’t received my first spanking yet. I think it is soon coming. My HOH has told me that he will use his hand and it will be Over the knee. He works away from home and the time we have together…he is hesitant to discipline me because…well I’m not exactly clear on why. I feel like I need to push him to make him just do it. Any advice?

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