I Am Not Donna Reed, Part Two

1I thought I would follow up on my “I am not Donna Reed” article since I felt that maybe a little more detail on what and why I said it would be of interest. I see so many sites that say we are Soul Mates and he is my Daddy.  Even though I don’t know if they are Soul Mates or not, it seems to me that many take to the internet to be who they aren’t. I mean really, just because its posted on the internet doesn’t mean it is true.

First my husband is my Soul Mate.  I realize a lot of people use that term lightly.  But to us it isn’t a term to be used lightly.  A Soul Mate isn’t just  that I am really attracted to you, I believe it to be the following;

The dictionary defines this as  “a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond.”

My definition is a person with whom you have a strong affinity, shared values, tastes and a romantic bond but also who see’s you as you.  Your Soul Mate should know without you even being in the room that you need them.  Meaning that they have a feeling that no matter where you are that they need to connect with you, a quick phone call or a text message that simply says I love you.  A Soul Mate also helps you realize your weaknesses and helps you strengthen them.  A Soul Mate is someone who can look at you and say BS.  They also wipe away every tear and take away every fear you have at every moment.  Your relationship is direct and at times can be too direct.  But once all is out in the open they know how to make you feel not only loved but safe, and secure.  Not just for that moment but the feeling of knowing that no matter what they will always be right by your side.

I honestly know a lot of couples that have been together for a long time but very few are true Soul Mates.  I am not saying they don’t love and care for each other, it’s just that they are afraid to take that next step, of opening up your heart no matter how much it may hurt.

When I met my husband I was one of those people.  I had been hurt and was not looking to get hurt again.  But there was something about him that I could not resist.  I still see it in his eyes today.  Yes I do call him Daddy.  But he has earned that from me, and his eyes still tell me “I will always be right here.”

plateI would like to add that a Soul Mate is someone who may seem to overlook little imperfections when in reality they do not see them as imperfections at all, rather see it as just part of the person they love.  It is someone who listens, even when they may know exactly what you are going to say they let you say it anyway.  A Soul Mate is someone who knows you better than you know yourself, and whose opinion and support is invaluable in your life, always.

My wife is my Soul Mate and I thank God for her every day.


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