Our Rules Are Common, And Uncommon

plateThe rules in our household are pretty common – respect, open communication, responsibility,  and should add here that I never expect anything from my wife that I do not expect from myself, that is just how we roll.

I do have a few rules that may be a bit uncommon, but they are my little pet peeves and so in the spirit of harmony in our relationship we have agreed that breaking them is a quick route to a bad girl spanking.

The pocket rule – credit cards, cash, and other valuables are never to be left in your pants, coats, or any other ‘pockets.’  Put them away where they are safe and secure after a stop at the gas station or grocery store.  I understand that her purse is a mystery in itself and putting these things away quickly may be a challenge in itself, but that is her personal zone and I except that but pockets are off limits.

Sugar on the coffee maker – my wife loves sugar in her coffee. We have one of those Keurig machines that makes one cup at a time. Somehow, the sugar finds its way to the “drip tray” on the machine and turns into some kind of super glue almost immediately.  I am not sure exactly how this happens.  Seems simple to me, make the coffee, put sugar in the coffee away from the machine, stir the coffee and enjoy.

Don’t leave it in the car – this one just came up today when I drove my wife’s car.  A few stray cans of soup and soda pop bought long ago still rolling around on the floor of the back seat when they should have been brought inside and put away with the other groceries.

Empty TP rolls on the TP hook in our bathroom – an obvious one, replace it and throw away the empty roll.  The same thing applies to paper towels in the kitchen.

Unmatched socks – my wife in wonderful about doing laundry and putting it away.  However, it is never OK to put ‘one sock’ without its partner in my sock drawer.  I have put a ‘lonely hearts bin’ for unmatched socks in my closet where they can wait for their mate to show up, toss them in there.  I should mention we once had a big problem with used dryer sheets being found all over the house, but not for a long time.

My wife may say that the list of my pet peeves is much longer than this, and she is probably right.  I am more than happy to work on a longer list.

1I have to say that I do agree with everything my husband said about common and uncommon rules.  But I have to defend myself on the stray soup and pop cans in my car today.

First the soup cans he put them in the spot in the back of my car and I didn’t see them.  Also we purchased them together and he did not help me carry them into the house.  Maybe if he did those soup cans would have been put away long ago.

Second the pop cans all were in their cases and I had just purchased them last night. But after I had brought in, and put away the rest of the groceries I decided that going back out and getting the pop could wait until today.   Next time I will just ask him to get the pop.

Yes my husband has a lot of pet peeves that would take him days to write about.  They are little things that seem to bug him.  So let’s talk about one of mine.

I am the one that stops at the grocery store on my way home from work if there is something we need and I also get the mail.  My husband will open the door for me when I get home with groceries, purse, work items, and mail in hand.  He will then pull the only piece of mail out of my hand that he wants to see and then walks back to the kitchen counter, hops up on the bar stool and reads it.  I set the bags of groceries, work items and mail down.  Then I take off my shoes and put my work items, shoes, keys and purse away in the closet and take the groceries and the mail into the kitchen.   I put the groceries away while he then looks at the rest of the mail.

Does anyone else know how frustrating it is to walk into the house and have your husband take one little item out of your hands and then go sit down to read it while you finish bringing in the rest of the items and then put them away yourself?

No wonder I left items in my car to wait until another day to put away.

I could go on and on about my other pet peeves but right now I am sure this will be the longest post we have made so far.


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