Combining Discipline And Intimacy, Part 1

plateWe have said before how different the dynamics of a Discipline relationship seem to be for everyone – and that is a great thing.  Figuring out what works for you to achieve the results you desire as a couple is what a successful relationship or marriage is all about.

There are a lot of different opinions on erotic spanking or what we refer to in our house as “good girl spankings” versus a discipline spanking or as my wife would say, a “bad girl spanking.”  It’s no secret that my wife found she likes regular good girl spankings but still does everything possible to avoid a discipline spanking, which of course is very different physically and emotionally.

It’s clear that some couples only practice one or the other, but for most it seems that both erotic spankings and discipline spankings are in one way or another a regular part of their relationship.

While both erotic and discipline spanking seems to be a common practice, most of the comments I have read encourage complete separation of discipline and intimacy. I understand why this separation is probably very important for some couples to avoid confusion and keep the dynamic of a Discipline relationship in check, but for us that intimacy is a very important part of the closeness and love that my wife needs from me after a discipline spanking to feel safe, secure, and forgiven.

If I ever thought that intimacy afterward made the discipline less effective or it sent a confusing message, then we would reconsider it.  But for now, it works for us.


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