Combining Discipline And Intimacy, Part 2

1Yes as my husband said “good girl spankings” are a vital part of our Discipline relationship.  They are important to me because they allow us to focus on us.  I do try really hard not to get a “bad girl spanking.”  Trust me, when my husband says that good girl and bad girl spankings are different he is not kidding.

If my husband could not console me after a “bad girl spanking” I truly believe that we would not have this type of relationship. For me, not being comforted after a bad girl spanking would send the wrong message.  I would be worried that he doesn’t forgive me and that he considers his role as Head of Household some kind of power trip, which he does not.  My husband knows how well I do with someone who is arrogant or demeaning.

I personally need that additional attention.  I need to have my husband hold me, console me, and tell me that he loves me.  I believe that it is important and it creates a closeness that I cannot begin to describe.

I do prefer and need good girl spankings and as we have written about before, and I need them on a regular basis.  If I don’t get one within two days of the last one you could bet money that a “bad girl spanking” is going to happen and happen quickly because of my attitude.

Some would say that I am spoiled but I would say no. I can tell you that it has been almost two hours since my last good girl spanking and my bottom still stings so why on earth would I ever do something to get a bad girl spanking on purpose?


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