Combining Discipline And Intimacy, Part 3

plateWe learned something important recently – the combination of discipline and intimacy is a more important dynamic in our relationship than we thought.

It is agreed that a discipline spanking should never be put off, yet as we have said before finding the time alone to make that happen as quickly as it should can sometimes be a challenge in our house.

The other day we had a situation where a discipline spanking was in order, but the time we had to be alone was limited.  We only had enough time for the discipline spanking with no time afterward for intimacy.  So my wife ended up with a sore bottom, a quick hug, and then back to the family routine.

Well, without the intimacy afterward neither of us felt complete.  In fact, both of us spent the rest of the evening a little frustrated without the closure, closeness, and forgiveness that the combination of discipline and intimacy bring to our relationship.

In the future, we will find a better balance of not putting off a discipline spanking and making sure we have the time for discipline and intimacy – together.


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  1. Real life sure makes discipline hard sometimes. Hope you got some time to enjoy each other, even if it wasn’t immediately afterward.

  2. Thank you, yes we finally did get to enjoy each other. I personally don’t like to wait if I am going to get a discipline spanking. I want it to happen right away otherwise I feel like it is just an unresolved issue between us that just pushes us a part. But we both learned a valuable lesson with not having enough time together afterwards. I will have to be more patient if and when I deserve a “bad girl” spanking.

  3. If a bad girl spanking happens how long do you wait before you can makeup so to say?

    • Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the post. For us it is right after a discipline spanking, a sore bottom, plenty of hugs, and intimacy. I think that every couple who include discipline in their relationship would agree that the ultimate goal is to have closure on whatever it was the led to the bad girl spanking, and move on afterward. Some may argue that intimacy should never be part of discipline because it sends a confusing message, and that is probably true for some. In our relationship intimacy has never been a reward, so intimacy is not a confusing message – it is how we find closure and a closeness like we have never had before.

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