A Little Bit Of Holiday Stress

1I really hope that everyone takes a moment to be thankful for everything this year and enjoy each other.  With family, friends and the unexpected guests that will be arriving for the holiday weekend I can already feel the stress.  Good stress but still stress.

Daddy will do what he always does.  He will make sure everyone is happy, has had more than enough to eat ( he does most of the cooking ) and has their favorite drink.

I will be trying not to think about the fact that for three days I will have to wait for a good girl spanking. Daddy will make sure I am happy and walk by with a little swat or a little rub and all I will be thinking about is that I need to lay across his lap and just have a few minutes of alone time to allow me to relax and to remember for the next few hours how his hand feels on my bottom.

I get really stressed when I don’t get a few moments for a good girl spanking when I want and need it.  Which means I could end the weekend with a very sore bottom.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  I also hope that my bottom never gets past a nice shade of pink.


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