The Spanking Hand, Part 2

1I am happy to report that my husband did go to the doctor, his hand and wrist will be just fine.  After this post my husband got creative in finding items around the house that he could use to give me a good girl spanking until his spanking hand got better.  I can tell you that at first I thought “oh no this is going to turn out to be a bad girl spanking” but it wasn’t.  As much as I enjoyed laying across my husbands lap after that many days of not being able to, I have to say that I prefer his hand on my bottom.  It was nice but when he doesn’t use his hand I don’t feel the same closeness.

Needless to say his hand healed quickly for New Years Eve and he wasted no time making it up to me.  My bottom still tingles this morning just thinking about how content and relaxed he made me.

I love you Daddy.  Happy New Year!


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