The Spanking Hand, Part 3

1Well my husbands spanking hand has been acting up again (and no, he did not hurt it spanking my bottom) which means no spankings for me lately. I have to say I am getting pretty restless.  You know that feeling when you really want something and can’t have it.  If you are like me then you pout and get grumpy, frustrated, and sarcastic because in this type of situation you know Daddy can’t discipline you the way you need it so you tend to take advantage just a little.

I am trying to be good and take care of my husband.  But it appears to be harder than I thought not being able to even have time to lay across his lap and feel his closeness.  No good girl spankings lately but I am sure if you asked Daddy when his hand is better I will be getting a “really good bad girl spanking” because he has been taking notes.


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