The Spanking Hand, Part 4

1Well it seems that no matter how much pain Daddy was in, he had enough of my attitude since his hand has not been working that well.  I am sure he could tell that it had been too long since we had that personal closeness together.  I spent a lot of time across his lap last night and I thought for sure that I was going to keep the color he had given me for awhile longer than usual.

I knew I needed a good spanking, but didn’t realize how much until the first tears started and me trying to be still.  I think that is the hardest part at times.  Trying not to cry is hard but trying to stay still when you know what is coming is even harder, at least for me.

I forgot how much I miss Daddy taking care of me afterwards, holding me, telling me how important I am to him.  Making sure that I am both physically and emotionally happy, safe and secure.  I can’t begin to describe how relaxed I was the rest of the night.


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