Things Are Finally Getting Back To Normal

plateAfter a couple months of on again off again problems with my wrist and hand, it seems they’ve figured it out and with the right combination of meds and therapy things are finally getting back to normal.

Over the weekend, my wife was a little surprised just how much better my spanking hand was when her panties came down and her cute little bottom was reminded what a good old fashioned spanking feels like.

Through it all, I must say how proud I am of my wife for her patience and attitude while my hand was in recovery.  I am sure there are many women who would have taken advantage of the situation, and she never did.

Even with her added frustration of not being able to be put across my lap when she either deserved a discipline spanking or the times when she simply needed the comfort of my hand on her bottom, she stayed focused on making sure that the dynamic of our relationship did not suffer.

Once again she has proven to me how strong her commitment to our relationship is, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life as we share our journey, together.


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