The Snooze Alarm & A Red Bottom

plateRecently my wife has decided that it is a good idea to set our alarm at least an hour  before we actually need to be up in the morning, and then set the snooze button to go off every 10 minutes afterward.

As the Head of Household part of my job is to initiate the rules and I have decided we have a new one – the alarm is only allowed to go off twice.  It is fine to hit the snooze button one time, and then it’s up and out of bed on the second alarm.

Now when it comes to discipline spanking, we have never had a fixed number of smacks on the bottom for breaking a particular rule. Rather, when it comes to bad girl spankings it is completely up to me to decide how it will be handled which I do depending on the circumstances.

However, we are going to deal with the snooze alarm problem differently.  If the alarm goes off a third time, the punishment will be five bare bottom smacks for each alarm – yes, 15 for the third alarm, 20 for the fourth, and so it goes.

This morning my wife hit the snooze button at least 6 times, so you do the math and we will see how motivated she is tomorrow morning.

plateSo, my wife was quick to point out that 5 smacks per alarm meant that one side of her bottom would get more attention than the other. Fair enough, I would not want either the left or right cheek to feel left out so 6 smacks per alarm it is.

1Yes, I was quick to point out that if I am not motivated now, each cheek needs to be spanked evenly. Since he made this rule, which I new this was coming at some point as I have been doing this for years.

I am probably not helping myself right now, but I think that for each week I am motivated to break this habit I should get something special that is personal that only I and my husband would know the meaning of.

Of course this week should only be four days long.  I will keep you posted.

plateAfter agreeing on the new ‘snooze alarm’ rule a few weeks ago my wife has done really well, until this morning.  She not only hit the snooze button once or twice, but 7 times.  Yep, 7.

Let’s see, the rule is 6 bare bottom smacks for each alarm so you do the math.  She is a bit anxious at work today knowing that when she gets home tonight her cute little bottom is going to be a little sore.

1Just as my husband said the morning wake up alarm went of 7 times, as I was anxious at work all day knowing fully that a bad girl spanking was in my near future ( like when I got home ) but it didn’t happen that same day because of family obligations.

As you can imagine I was anxious the whole next day and thinking did I do anything else to increase the amount of time I would be laying across his lap.  The answer to that is no, but I will say that he was true to his word about the 6 spanks per alarm after it goes off the third time.

I even thought that maybe if I wear his favorite panties he might after seeing them maybe deviate a little from the number I knew was coming.  The answer is no, but I will say that my panties did stay on a little longer than normal.  Since they stayed on a little longer each swat was harder which stung longer even after my panties were around my ankles.  My bottom was very warm for a long time afterwards.

Of course I had a lot of my husband special attention afterwards.  I love you Daddy very much.


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