Yes, I Like A Stingy Bottom

1I can imagine that some who don’t understand what a Discipline Relationship is might think that the submissive person in the relationship likes pain.  That is not true.  I hate pain and do not like when I get a discipline spanking. But I do like a stingy bottom.

Why you may ask – well a stingy bottom means many things.  One it means a “good girl” spanking which is a fun spanking.  A spanking where I can tell Daddy hey “I thought this was a good girl spanking” meaning the spanking I got was a little more than I was expecting and yes, that makes my bottom sting a little.  As I said it is a good girl spanking, meaning he will kindly remind me that I forgot my lunch two days in a row (I think there is a new rule is coming about that) or I didn’t put my robe away or I was a little snippy or I was very distant thinking of other things instead of focusing on what I should be.

A stingy bottom not only helps me focus but it also means that I get to spend special time with Daddy.  I think he likes me to have stingy bottom to kindly remind me of what my bottom could feel like if I don’t focus on the right things.  It also makes me feel warm, safe, and very sexy.

Think about it for a minute – how many times have those of you not in a Discipline Relationship had your husband swat you on the bottom when you were just being flirty with each other.  Didn’t it make you feel sexy?  I bet it did.


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