You May Freeze The Chicken? Really?

1I thought I would share with everyone a little moment that happens in everyday life, even if you are not in a Discipline Relationship.

 My husband and I went to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store or any store shopping is a whole new experience which I will write more about at another time. We got almost everything on our list and we see that the store has chicken on sale which wasn’t on our list but we didn’t have any in the freezer so we got some.

 After we got home I asked “Did you put the chicken in the freezer?” He said no it is in the refrigerator downstairs. I said “Oh ok I will put it in the freezer” and he says “Well I think it should be split apart into freezer bags and then frozen.”  I looked at my husband and said “Well, it only has five pieces in the package but ok.”

 My husband looks at me and says “You’re right we do a lot with cooked chicken so….you may freeze the chicken.”  He continues to talk and I said “You may freeze the chicken?  I now have your permission to freeze the chicken?” My husband said “Yes you have my permission to freeze the chicken” with that little innocent smile.

 As I gave him that little look like really?  I have your permission to freeze the chicken?  I left the room wiggling my bottom at him. As he says I should watch it.  I just giggled.  Probably not the smartest thing and I am sure this is not the end of ‘freezing the chicken.’



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  1. Brat E. Pants

    Cute. 🙂 My husband and I banter in a very similar fashion, with him playfully making decrees with an air of kingly authority. Though my reactions would have to devolve into a much deeper level of sass for me to begin to worry for my bottom. Like if I were to, for example, remind him indignantly that he gets his authority through my consent, so who’s *really* in control? LOL. I haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet…

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