Consistency, Consequences, & Circumstances

plateIt’s been a while since we have posted on the blog – blame it on a very busy spring getting outdoors, good intentions, and just plain old ‘no time.’

One thing we have learned about creating a successful discipline relationship is the importance of consistency with the household rules, and consistency with the consequences for breaking them. That does not mean there are not times when circumstances must be considered – I believe there are and they should. However, when circumstance surrounding a broken rule comes into play and I decide a discipline spanking is not in order because of those circumstances, it is important that I discuss that decision with my wife, and never just ignore it.

Due to some changes at work, my wife has been under more stress than usual. Lack of sleep, unpredictable situations, and unhappy co-workers are among the things that have made her a little grumpier and ‘forgetful’ about our household rules than normal. I understand, and do my very best to be a supportive and loving husband in every way.

My wife will tell you she is never looking for a red-bottom discipline spanking. At the same time, if she feels that she has done something to deserve a red bottom and I ignore it, she is left feeling like I don’t care, she doesn’t have my attention, or the situation is not important to me – and that is not true at all. In my mind I am only being understanding of the circumstances.

So, while I always explain the reason why she is going to be spanked before a discipline spanking, I realize that explaining the reason why I am not going to spank her bottom for something is equally important so she understands I am not ignoring the situation and I love and support her very much.

If that doesn’t work, nothing says you have my full attention and I love and support you like being over my lap with your panties pulled down.

1As my husband said lots going on at work, and trust me he has been so considerate. My bottom should of been a deep red many times. I am so very lucky to have him in my life.

My bottom is very warm right now and yes I enjoyed every minute of it (well maybe not every minute) but it was not a “bad girl spanking.”  When he wants to get my attention, he spanks one cheek over and over and it is very stingy. It’s his secret weapon. When he does it, I can’t keep my feet down no matter how hard I try, and he hates that. So I am sure that very soon I will be writing about how my husband has decided to address this.

To my husband, thank you so much, I love you with all my heart.


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