Opps, I Forgot My Lunch! Part 1

plateIn our relationship, it’s more often the little things rather than big things that happen and lead my wife to end up over my lap with her panties down for a discipline spanking. I guess we can be thankful for that.

Thinking back, it’s actually the little things in our relationship that have caused the most frustration and anger with each other, and the thing that led us to explore a discipline relationship. 

So, the latest little thing – “Opps, I forgot my lunch!” I will sometimes make a lunch for my wife the night before and put it in the fridge for a quick grab-and-go the next morning. Well, very often I get a text from my beautiful wife after she arrives at work. Yep, you got it – “Opps, I forgot my lunch!” Now I must say that she asked me to help her remember to grab her lunch before heading out the door and I agreed, so when she forgets it we are both to blame.

To solve the problem, I have created a plaque that reads “DON’T FORGET YOUR LUNCH!” and placed it on her bathroom counter where she is sure to see it several times each morning. From now on when I hear “Opps, I forgot my lunch!” it is not because I did not remind her, and we will have to explore more effective ways to help her remember to take lunch.


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