A Hard Good Girl Spanking

1Sometimes it is hard to find time with my husband, to be able to
‘ just be’ and let nature take its course, which also means I have to wait for a much needed “Good Girl” spanking.

Yesterday as nature was taking its course and I laid across my husband’s lap, he decided that I needed a HARD spanking.  Not a “Bad Girl” discipline spanking but close to one.  As he pulled the bottom of my panties up and smacked three hard times on the bottom of my left check and then smacked three hard times on my right check I was thinking “Oh no I’m in trouble!” That continued for a while but then my panties came off and then it was more intense but not to the next level.

After every series of hard smacks there were lots of gentle rubs before he started again. The more intense it got the more I could feel myself getting wet, and the harder it was to keep my legs down. It’s very hard to stay perfectly still.  The more I moved my legs the harder and more frequent the spankings were with no rubs in between, OK, note to self.

By the time he was done I was so wet which continued nature to take its course. I loved every minute of it even if I told him that I wasn’t sure. 🙂


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