My Bottom Is just Transforming

plateAfter a busy few weeks of personal and family obligations, this past week my wife and I have had the chance to take a deep breath and spend more time together.  It’s been a great week full of love and yes, plenty of spankings.

As my wife said in a recent post, some of her recent good-girl spankings have been a little longer and harder than normal.  I think because we both missed our special time together with her over my lap it was just natural for me to give her cute little bottom a bit of extra attention.  It was apparent to me that she missed this attention as well, because the harder I spanked her bottom the more she seemed to relax.

After her first good-girl spanking in several days she was quick to point out that the spanking was harder than normal, her bottom was a little more pink (I never think it is any color other than pink even when she thinks it’s closer to red) and more ‘tingly’ than usual after a good-girl spanking.  While she would not admit it, looking in her eyes and then then feeling how aroused she was afterward it was obvious she was not complaining, rather she really liked the extra attention.

She was so cute last night when she told me her bottom was still a little sore from a good-girl spanking earlier in the day, but it was fine, “my bottom is just transforming.”  Well, it is still early and maybe I can help the transformation some more later today.

I am very blessed to have such a beautiful and wonderful wife. One thing that we both realize when daily life takes over and we don’t have enough quality time together is – we really need each other.


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