We Will Never Go To Bed Angry

1My husband is always trying to make sure that he is taking care of me. I had said to him I need to go to bed earlier since my schedule at work is always changing I feel like I am not getting enough rest.  My husband said great baby we will do that.

That night my husband made dinner earlier, made sure everything was put away and the kitchen was clean.  We were watching TV and my husband said shall we go to bed?  I said can we wait 10 minutes which was how much time until the end of the show.  He said ok so we watched til the end.  My husband turned off the TV and lights and went to our bedroom.  I forgot to do something so I went and did it real quick, well I thought it was quick.

When I came down the hall my husband came out of our bedroom and he was frustrated since I hadn’t come to bed yet.  I took his frustration as anger so then I got mad.  I was mad all night and still mad the next morning.

As we talked about why I got mad I realized my panties were pulled down and my husband kindly reminded me that we don’t go to bed mad.

I thought I was doing so well on not getting a “bad girl” spanking since the new rule on my alarm clock, until yesterday.


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