A Day Full Of Soup & Sitcoms

1Tuesday this week I was sick. When you drink your first cup of coffee and realize it isn’t sitting just right on your stomach and you are running to either the closest bathroom or a sink whichever one you can get to first, like most women you are thinking when was the last time I did this. Was it after a night of partying? Or was a change of life experience? Or was it just that you have a bug of some type.

For me it was a bug. This meant that I got to stay in bed and let Daddy take care of me. He would not come within 5 feet of me in the beginning, not really true, but he kept some distance, not that I blame him, and he did spoil me.

As I laid in bed with my water bottle and Daddy bringing me chicken soup or whatever I wanted I got to watch what I wanted on TV. I found one of my favorite sitcoms “Frasier.” I watched two episodes one of which if you are a Frasier fan was when everyone thought he was gay (remember those tennis shorts) and the other one is when he thinks Roz is in love with him but he is in a relationship with I think his new producer since Roz quit.

This woman was so annoying. Some of it was just what happens with anyone trying to fit into a new family and show your new boyfriend that you can fit in with his family. But she was just rude, taking phone calls at dinner, acting like she was already accepted into the family.

I could see Frasiers face each time his new girlfriend voiced her opinion and all I thought was….JUST SPANKED HER!!!

plateThe only thing worse than getting a discipline spanking when you deserve one is NOT getting a discipline spanking when you deserve one.


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