Handling A Discipline Spanking

plateAs we explore our discipline relationship, I have some basic ground rules for how bad-girl spankings are handled in our household.

I will never spank my wife in the heat of the moment or spank out of anger or frustration. Doing so would go against the very reason we introduced discipline in our relationship to begin with – to avoid conflict and disorder, and handle every situation in a calm and loving way.

Find a special place for discipline spankings. It should be separate from a place associated with anything other than discipline spankings like a special chair or location.

Discipline spankings are not supposed to be comfortable or fun, so all the things associated with a playful good-girl spanking like rubbing my wife’s bottom between smacks or spanking over her panties are out.

Communicate before a discipline spanking. This should happen immediately before the spanking, when you are in your special place. Be very clear about why a discipline spanking is necessary, and the expectations for not repeating the behavior in the future.

Allow yourself plenty of time for the spanking. I always make sure that we have enough time for both a proper discipline spanking and also plenty of time for lots of hugs and love afterward.


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  1. Brat E. Pants

    How long do you wait to administer the discipline? We have young children and most of the time an immediate correctiom just isn’t possible, though it would be preferable. Do you schedule the discipline for a specific time and tell her when it will take place? Or do you simply do it as soon as its convenient regardless of what she’s doing?

    • The same thing can be a challenge for us as well, for the same reason. Yep, would also agree that handling discipline right away is best and we have found that there is a fine line between the anticipation of waiting for a much deserved spanking and too much time ‘waiting’ when that anticipation can turn to frustration and a bad attitude which, well, we know what that means when we finally get to the spanking. A couple of things to think about. First, if you earn another spanking while you are waiting for the first one (this can easily happen for the reasons above) deal with both at the same time but keep them separate, with your husband explaining the second offense and why the spanking is going to continue. Second, I try to use this ‘waiting time’ to sit down with my wife and talk about the behavior and how I plan to deal with it when we finally have quiet time alone.

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