A Little Trip In The Garden

1I love my husband dearly, no matter what.  He has always taken care of me, stood by my side no matter what and shows me every day how important I am to him.

I am a gardener by heart.   Every year for the last 20 plus years I grow a vegetable garden which includes multiple types of tomato plants, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, snow peas and my husband’s favorite green beans ( pole and bush.)   Oh and this year I am trying watermelon, we will see how that goes since I have never done that before.

I start planning in January/February time frame and start planting by March.  Almost everything I plant I start from seeds.  Very few plants do I or my husband actually buys.  It is so much cheaper and so simple to just start with seeds.  But it does take some work on your part.

This year I had the most beautiful snow peas.  The vines were healthy, beautiful color and had lots of white flowers which mean peas… Daddy and I had worked in the rain off and on all day to prep that part of the garden which is mostly roses and other bushes to get ready for the next day to spread bark.

It was a great day everything was ready for the next day and then my husband went outside later to look at what we had done to make sure all was good… and then he noticed an evergreen tree with its limbs hanging over the fence and thought he better trim those to keep needles out of the new bark.

Well he trimmed them and then he stepped back and needless to say tripped and fell on my beautiful peas which are now in the recycle bin.

I have planted new seeds since it is still early I just hope I get the same beautiful plants.

It took everything I had not to just flip out and end up over his lap with panties around my ankles.

plateYes I felt really bad.  My wife makes a great point. I would never spank her for an accident if she took the same little “trip” in the garden like I did.  But as she said, it wouldn’t be the accident that got her in trouble – it would likely be the little flip out afterward that would end up over my lap with panties around her ankles.


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