I Get 3 Different Kinds Of Spankings

1I have decided that the spankings my husband has written about need to be, for lack of a better phrase, on some kind of scale. So far, I have decided there are three levels of spankings – a sweet girl spanking, a good girl spanking, and finally a bad girl spanking.

Sweet girl spanking – this is for when I am sweet and cute, but need some attention over his lap. It’s a little stingy but fun joking with Daddy.

Good girl spanking – for when I am a little bit sassy and Daddy puts multiple finger prints on my bottom, but still joking some with Daddy.  I can’t wait for him to write about the nickel or the T.V. remote, but that is a whole different story.

Bad girl spanking- well this is when I have knowingly crossed the line. This means my panties are off quickly and a very hot bottom in the special chair I would like to give away when nobody is looking. There is no joking and no bottom rubbing until after the spanking.

I will continue to think if we need to add anything to the spanking scale which I guess we could also call “AHH!” “OHH!” and “OUCH!” spankings and would love to hear from those of you who have your own “spanking scale.”


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  1. Brat E. Pants

    We are still fine-tuning our levels, as we are fairly new and still discovering what is needed (and wanted, as the case may be.)

    We started with just disciplinary ones, or “bad girl” spankings. Those have their own levels as well; they go from warnings/reminders (typically for being forgetful about minor rules like locking the car at night or forgetting my phone) to more severe punishments for more serious offenses.

    We’ve only recently branched out to good girl spankings, as I realized how soothing and fulfilling it feels to be over his lap, getting swats just hard enough that I’m forced to focus on staying still, and feeling his voice resonate through me while he reminds me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me for working so hard to please him. I get a nice long warm up for those, and sweet talk coupled with the resulting soreness is enough to make me all honeymoony for the next few days.

    We’ve also recently discovered the benefit of stress reliever spanking. This is when I get noticably agitated about any number of things without necessarily getting disrespectful or distant. We also call them my “Frozen” spankings, because they are for no reason other than to help me “Let it Go.” (Get it? Ha ha) They pack a little more punch than the good girl, but the lecture part is still supportive and loving. These typically don’t end until I cry, which can take a while depending on my stubborness.

    • Brat E Pants, Thank you for the comment. I completely understand the “frozen” spanking. To me that is when you feel like you have so many things on your list to complete you can’t figure out which one to do first. It takes a lot for me to cry as well. We haven’t called these “frozen” spankings even though I agree with the name. My husband calls them redirection spankings. They are for when I need help to refocus on what is important either at home or at work. I understand being new at this, but like we have posted before everyone has to figure out what this type of relationship is for them and how it works best for you. I can tell you I love hearing my husband’s voice while across his lap telling me how important I am and how important our family is his life. I don’t care who you are we all need to hear and more important see that kind of reinforcement. That is what makes us strong for all the things we face every day, as well as secure but most of all knowing how good or bad a day has been that we are loved and there will always be that one person standing right beside you or knowing exactly what you need in that moment to make it better. I hope more will share comments.

  2. I’d love to read what he writes……is it made public?

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