The T.V. Remote & The Nickel

plateMy wife has written a few times about the T.V. remote and the nickel with no explanation so I thought maybe I should shed some light on what that means.

My wife has difficulty keeping her legs still while over my lap with her panties pulled down and her bottom at the mercy of my hand. I suppose it is a common problem and natural reaction to wiggle, lift your legs, and kick a little anticipating the next smack across your bare bottom – but I insist she stay still during a spanking and moving around is not allowed.

Every time my wife would lift her legs or kick, she would get a few extra hard and fast smacks across her bottom – that worked a little bit, but not enough to keep her from forgetting the ‘be still’ rule far too often. So one afternoon while she was over my lap for a spanking on the couch, the kicking started. After the normal extra hard smacks as a reminder I reached over and grabbed the T.V. remote from the coffee table and balanced it across the back of her legs, making it clear that if the remote fell, her bottom would pay for it dearly. It fell once, but not twice. She has not looked at the T.V. remote the same since.

Oh, about the nickel – a couple weeks later we had the same problem in our bedroom and there was no T.V. remote handy, so we learned that a nickel placed on the back of her legs works just as well.


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  1. I usually end up crossing my ankles to hold them steady, and I end up uncrossing them and crossing the other way a few times in between. Sometimes its hard not to let your legs cramp up from straining to stay still.

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