A Summer Saturday Afternoon Spanking

1Saturday’s are for relaxing. Last Saturday we found ourselves alone in the house which is unusual.   Once my husband figured that out, I was laying on the couch watching TV trying to stay cool in the current summer temperature.   My husband wasted no time and came over to me and said lay across my lap and I will rub your bottom. I said ok but we were upstairs which is at street level and people can see right into our family room. So I closed the blinds but didn’t close the windows.

As I lay across my husband’s lap I started to relax, I am sure he could tell as the rubs started to be spanks. First sweet with my shorts on, then pulling up my shorts along with my panties on each cheek and leaving his as he has said “three finger marking”. I realized that I could be heard if I made any noise. Not to mention the loud sound of each spank. So as my husband realized this due to my trying not to laugh and be playful, the spanks got harder and started to smart a little more than usual. He would say “what?” I would whisper “I can’t say anything people will hear me.” Each time I said that with my panties around my ankles he would spank a little harder and made sure that any of the dog walkers in the neighborhood walking by would hear it.

I can’t wait to see if anyone brings it up at the next neighborhood barbeque.

Secretly I loved every minute of it, it was fun, flirty and Daddy was definitely in control, which he confirmed once we were in the bedroom.


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