Spanking – You Decide What Works

1I know that there are people who stumble across sites like this one and think “what?” and “really? How can any woman let anyone do that to her?” I completely understand, because I thought the same thing, so I had to separate a Discipline relationship from someone having complete control over you versus ‘allowing’ someone to have complete control over you. There is a difference.   Just as I have said before do your homework – and if you feel that this is something you believe would make your relationship better just make sure you have complete trust in that person and open communication then go for it.

For some this starts out great but soon it isn’t what each of you thought it would be. That is normal and okay. It certainly does not mean your relationship is over. It’s ok to experiment and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for each of you and your relationship. Again, complete honesty, trust, and open communication are essential.

I am writing this because sometimes I think most women, especially after searching and reading everything on the internet about a relationship that involves spanking, actually believe that this is abusive. Let’s face it, there are sites that show how some take this to a level that would scare anyone – they certainly scare me. Now, if that is your level then good for you, to each their own. I can honestly say that our relationship is not like that.

When my husband first approached me about this type of relationship “I thought not in this house” but then I did my homework. I can’t tell you everything I read but I said yes. The relationship I have with my husband – the person I call Daddy – is one with no belts, no mind games, no show me your credit card receipts, no stand in the corner, basically no disrespect. It is a very simple and natural relationship. We are equals period except when someone needs to be in charge and make that final decision when we can’t agree, and that person is my husband. I have said before it is a great feeling to just look at my husband and say “you decide.” I think that sometimes as women we feel like we need to do it all. Go against nature. I am the opposite. I believe that women or men can do anything, but I also believe that all of us need to remember our strengths and our weaknesses and be comfortable with who we are.

I can honestly say that I love the amount of power I have at work, but really love the fact that when I get home from work, I don’t have to be that person who is completely in-charge. I leave that to my Daddy.

So if you are thinking that a discipline relationship and a spanking dynamic might be right for you, don’t be afraid to give it a try. You may decide that it’s not for you, but at the very least I will bet you discover some valuable things about yourself and your partner in the process that will make your relationship much stronger.

Oh, and those uptight women who confuse a loving discipline relationship with abuse – I think a good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking just might change their mind.


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