Show Me That You Are Submissive

1After another much needed “good girl” spanking yesterday it’s been a very relaxing weekend. Today, I had extra time to do some web surfing and read different spanking and DD blogs. I found it interesting that in many of the articles and posts when a woman and man have both consented to a discipline relationship with the man as the HOH and the man has to discipline the woman that the woman goes to the spot where the discipline is to take place. She then undresses to prepare for the spanking and as some have written, they do this mostly to show the HOH that they are submitting to him.

I found that interesting because when I deserve a “bad girl” spanking there is that moment of either my agreeing or not agreeing, but always consenting. I then go to the spot where “bad girl” spankings take place. Then I wait standing up until my husband comes in and explains to me again why this “bad girl” spanking is needed. He is the one who pulls my pants down, and then after I am across his lap my panties are pulled down and the “bad girl” spanking begins. Of course, afterward is a lot of love and comfort from my husband.

I just wanted to share this to allow those who are new to this lifestyle that just because one doesn’t undress to show they are submitting to their HOH does not mean they can’t be submissive in other ways.

I would like to hear anyone’s comments.


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  1. We have lots of little ones, so my sessions have always taken place at nighttime. It will likely be that way for many years, unless we are able to buy a house with a better setup to muffle the noise.

    As such, since I generally don’t wear pants to bed, I’m already wearing just a shirt and panties. He sits in his spot, and I sit either on the bed or on the floor in front of him. We have a discussion about what the problem was and I’ve usually had enough time pass that I know full well why a spanking is needed and I am contrite and accepting. Then he gives a little motion that it’s time, and I bend over his lap.

    I am getting better about being generally submissive, and his authority is slowly (but surely) emerging. It sometimes takes some patience on my part, because he is not naturally authoritative, so when he gets that tone in his voice it’s a little thrilling for me and I’m eager to respond and show him how effective it is.

    In the meantime, my submission isnt necessarily demanded by him, but my own desire to encourage him to expect more from me as his wife.

    • Thank you Brat E Pants for the comment. I completely understand only getting disaplined at night. It happens with us too most of the time due to the same reasons. I can see based on your comments that you and your husband have open communication which is key in this type of relationship. Keep it up and I’m sure your relationship will continue to only get stronger.

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