An Unexpected Bratty Spanking

1Today we found ourselves alone for awhile and I knew I needed some special attention but I wasn’t expecting what I got.

As I lay across my Daddy’s lap and I was beginning to relax when all of a sudden the spanks got more stingy.  As I said “ouch” with each spank trying to figure out why so stingy, Daddy said “you were a little brat yesterday weren’t you?”  I said “no I wasn’t” as the spanks got even more stingy and I was trying not to giggle. Daddy said again “don’t you think you were a brat yesterday” with a hard spank. As I tried not to giggle and not move I said “no I wasn’t trying to be a brat.”  The spanks got harder and more stingy as I tried not to move with no cheek rubbing by Daddy in between each spank.

As I could feel my bottom getting warmer, Daddy said “I think you need to add bratty spanking to your list of spankings, don’t you agree?”  I said “YES I was a brat yesterday.”

When the Spanking stopped, Daddy said “well, your bottom is nice and warm now.”  As I raised up off his lap Daddy said “now that’s the perfect color” with a very content smile on his face.

I have now added “bratty spanking” to my list of spankings.  Even though it has been a couple of hours since the spanking my bottom is still stinging.

I can’t wait for the next one.



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