We Prefer To Say “Spanking”

plateOur relationship is easily defined as a “Domestic Discipline” relationship on many levels. I am the Head of Household. We both believe strongly in the different God-given roles of men and women. We both understand the importance of honesty, respect, and teamwork in a relationship. And yes, I spank my wife when I feel that she deserves a spanking.

We have clearly seen the harmony and comfort this lifestyle brings to our marriage. Yet, neither of us has ever been completely comfortable labeling our relationship with the word “Discipline.”

So, we have decided from now on we will refer to our lifestyle as a “Spanking Relationship” instead of a “Discipline Relationship.” After all, the “Discipline” in our relationship is 100% Spankings and never the other things that some couples include like corner time or writing words. Plus, I have never told my wife that she is going to be “Disciplined” for something, I tell her she is going to be “Spanked” and so this choice of words is right for us.


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  1. I like the way that sounds much better than discipline too. ❤

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