Spanking & The Snooze Button

1Funny how you get use to the day’s being light longer. We found ourselves alone in the house one evening. I needed some attention. As I lay across Daddy’s lap and started to relax he reminded me that I let the alarm go off every ten minutes at least 4 times that morning.

As I tried to explain to him that I didn’t mean to let the alarm go off that many times which is hard to do since I was not in the best position to plead my case, with each spank I was burring my head in the pillow and Daddy thought I was laughing. Which I kind of was but I couldn’t laugh out loud as the window was open and I didn’t want all the dog walkers to stop and listen to our conversation.

As he teased me and said “Oh you think this is funny, I will show you funny.” By now I had no panties on only bare bottom and I could feel my bottom getting warmer rather quickly. As Daddy continued to tease me we didn’t realize how much darker it was getting with the sun starting to set.

All of a sudden Daddy said “It’s getting darker earlier, I can’t see the color of your bottom.” As I started to laugh, Daddy said “I guess I will just have to keep spanking you until I am sure your bottom is red enough.”

I said “oh no, I can tell you it is very warm right now.” As always, he completely ignores such comments.

With a big grin on his face, he kindly “reminded” me again about the snooze button.


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  1. Boy, I’m glad that’s not a rule for me. 🙂 I have a rule about not staying up too late playing on my phone or watching tv, because I am naturally a night owl and all it takes is one night of binge-watching a tv show for my entire sleep schedule to be thrown out of whack and I get stressed out trying to get through homeschooling the kids.

    It sounds like the reminder spankings aren’t very severe for your snooze button rule. Are most of your sessions that way, or do you get harsher sessions for more important rules? Do you ask for “attention” spankings, or do you wait for him to initiate it?

    We’ve been doing it for a year, and I’m pretty sure my husband thinks he needs to spank for severe offenses. To be fair, I’m only just coming to realize that when I’m tempted to dial up the sass, what I really want is to lay across his lap for a while. It’s been interesting to come to terms with that, because I can’t seem to come up with a logical reason for me to desire it, especially after never once even considering it for the first 12 years we were married.

    • Thanks for the comment Brat E. Pants. Yes if the alarm goes off too long to too many times it can be severe. My husband is very kind with this rule since my work schedule hasn’t been a standard schedule. Yes he does have specific rules that we agreed too that if I don’t follow the spankings are more severe.

      And yes I tend to be more sassy when I want his attention. He can usually tell when I need it. Of course I have to be pretty sassy since it is already part of my nature. I do tell him sometimes but as long as we have been together he reads me pretty well.

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