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Spanking & The Snooze Button

1Funny how you get use to the day’s being light longer. We found ourselves alone in the house one evening. I needed some attention. As I lay across Daddy’s lap and started to relax he reminded me that I let the alarm go off every ten minutes at least 4 times that morning.

As I tried to explain to him that I didn’t mean to let the alarm go off that many times which is hard to do since I was not in the best position to plead my case, with each spank I was burring my head in the pillow and Daddy thought I was laughing. Which I kind of was but I couldn’t laugh out loud as the window was open and I didn’t want all the dog walkers to stop and listen to our conversation.

As he teased me and said “Oh you think this is funny, I will show you funny.” By now I had no panties on only bare bottom and I could feel my bottom getting warmer rather quickly. As Daddy continued to tease me we didn’t realize how much darker it was getting with the sun starting to set.

All of a sudden Daddy said “It’s getting darker earlier, I can’t see the color of your bottom.” As I started to laugh, Daddy said “I guess I will just have to keep spanking you until I am sure your bottom is red enough.”

I said “oh no, I can tell you it is very warm right now.” As always, he completely ignores such comments.

With a big grin on his face, he kindly “reminded” me again about the snooze button.


Playing Hooky

1  This last week I took an unexpected day of vacation. For whatever reason Daddy and I were not on the same page. I knew that if I didn’t figure out how to be able to be alone with Daddy we would continue down a path that wasn’t good.

Usually if I stay home from work unexpected he will ask if everything is ok.  This day he didn’t, he knew we needed this time alone to discuss what the issue was.

As we talked about what was going, I realized that it was a misunderstanding.  And it was me that didn’t understand.

Needless to say after sometime over Daddy’s lap with him explaining and reassuring me that all was good, I felt so much better.  I know he did too.

Horoscope Off By A Day

1As you can see by my last post my horoscope said “be careful today or discipline will be needed”.  I pretty much made it through that day until late that night I got a little snippy but since we weren’t alone my husband did not correct me right away.

The next morning I was still a little snippy but I didn’t think much about it and my husband hadn’t said anything about what happened the night before as of that morning.

For those of us who live this lifestyle we all know if we are the submissive one that it isn’t always a good thing if we are snippy and it can’t be addressed right away.  If you are someone like me it’s like having a “green light” to just keep going.

Well the “green light” turned to an almost pure “red light” I stress almost.

Once we were alone my husband wasted no time taking me into the bedroom.  Once I was over his lap he pulled my panties up so my cheeks were bare and gave me six very stingy spanks on each cheek before he rubbed.  I said ” ouch” and asked isn’t this suppose to be a “good girl spanking”?  He didn’t say a word as he continued and my panties came off.

As I tried not to wiggle or say anything, my husband finally said ” don’t you think you have been a little “Sassy” last night and today”.  I said well, “yes” I guess so.  My husband “no guessing” about it with several more hard spanks to my bottom.  “Yes” I said I have been sassy.

My husband said ” good” because the next level of spanking is ” bad girl” and I know you don’t want that.

No I don’t.

My Horoscope Says What…Really?

1Today started out with the puppy jumping across me with great excitement rolling around on the bed next to me.  I said yes getting up now.  As I had my coffee I read all the ad’s in the Sunday paper.  My husband made a huge breakfast, you know the kind that sticks to your ribs and keeps you full for hours.  My husband even cleaned the kitchen afterwards.

As I lay on the couch after eating way too much, my husband starts reading the news paper.  I have to say he finds some interesting article’s especially in the Sunday paper.  Pretty soon he starts laughing, I said “what’s so funny?”  He said “your horoscope says you need discipline today.”  I said “what no it doesn’t.” Oh yes it does……




I guess all isn’t lost it does say the day will be an “8”, but it isn’t even noon yet so anything can happen.  I told my husband he was being kinda sassy today, not sure if that was the right thing to say now.

An Unexpected Bratty Spanking

1Today we found ourselves alone for awhile and I knew I needed some special attention but I wasn’t expecting what I got.

As I lay across my Daddy’s lap and I was beginning to relax when all of a sudden the spanks got more stingy.  As I said “ouch” with each spank trying to figure out why so stingy, Daddy said “you were a little brat yesterday weren’t you?”  I said “no I wasn’t” as the spanks got even more stingy and I was trying not to giggle. Daddy said again “don’t you think you were a brat yesterday” with a hard spank. As I tried not to giggle and not move I said “no I wasn’t trying to be a brat.”  The spanks got harder and more stingy as I tried not to move with no cheek rubbing by Daddy in between each spank.

As I could feel my bottom getting warmer, Daddy said “I think you need to add bratty spanking to your list of spankings, don’t you agree?”  I said “YES I was a brat yesterday.”

When the Spanking stopped, Daddy said “well, your bottom is nice and warm now.”  As I raised up off his lap Daddy said “now that’s the perfect color” with a very content smile on his face.

I have now added “bratty spanking” to my list of spankings.  Even though it has been a couple of hours since the spanking my bottom is still stinging.

I can’t wait for the next one.


Show Me That You Are Submissive

1After another much needed “good girl” spanking yesterday it’s been a very relaxing weekend. Today, I had extra time to do some web surfing and read different spanking and DD blogs. I found it interesting that in many of the articles and posts when a woman and man have both consented to a discipline relationship with the man as the HOH and the man has to discipline the woman that the woman goes to the spot where the discipline is to take place. She then undresses to prepare for the spanking and as some have written, they do this mostly to show the HOH that they are submitting to him.

I found that interesting because when I deserve a “bad girl” spanking there is that moment of either my agreeing or not agreeing, but always consenting. I then go to the spot where “bad girl” spankings take place. Then I wait standing up until my husband comes in and explains to me again why this “bad girl” spanking is needed. He is the one who pulls my pants down, and then after I am across his lap my panties are pulled down and the “bad girl” spanking begins. Of course, afterward is a lot of love and comfort from my husband.

I just wanted to share this to allow those who are new to this lifestyle that just because one doesn’t undress to show they are submitting to their HOH does not mean they can’t be submissive in other ways.

I would like to hear anyone’s comments.

My Anticipated Good Girl Spanking

1Finally, the new puppy is settling in and things are getting back to normal. I got a long and anticipated good girl spanking.  But since it had been a while my bottom was, well, let’s say out of shape.  As I lay across my Daddy’s lap asking for and needing this spanking I thought ouch and realized that he needed this too.  When I did my little look out of the corner of my eye, he had the most content look on his face and after several swats on one cheek before a  little rubbing, that was proof he need this as much as me.

It looks like we will have alot of extra time home alone this coming weekend – I have a feeling my bottom will be back in shape by Monday.

Spanking – You Decide What Works

1I know that there are people who stumble across sites like this one and think “what?” and “really? How can any woman let anyone do that to her?” I completely understand, because I thought the same thing, so I had to separate a Discipline relationship from someone having complete control over you versus ‘allowing’ someone to have complete control over you. There is a difference.   Just as I have said before do your homework – and if you feel that this is something you believe would make your relationship better just make sure you have complete trust in that person and open communication then go for it.

For some this starts out great but soon it isn’t what each of you thought it would be. That is normal and okay. It certainly does not mean your relationship is over. It’s ok to experiment and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for each of you and your relationship. Again, complete honesty, trust, and open communication are essential.

I am writing this because sometimes I think most women, especially after searching and reading everything on the internet about a relationship that involves spanking, actually believe that this is abusive. Let’s face it, there are sites that show how some take this to a level that would scare anyone – they certainly scare me. Now, if that is your level then good for you, to each their own. I can honestly say that our relationship is not like that.

When my husband first approached me about this type of relationship “I thought not in this house” but then I did my homework. I can’t tell you everything I read but I said yes. The relationship I have with my husband – the person I call Daddy – is one with no belts, no mind games, no show me your credit card receipts, no stand in the corner, basically no disrespect. It is a very simple and natural relationship. We are equals period except when someone needs to be in charge and make that final decision when we can’t agree, and that person is my husband. I have said before it is a great feeling to just look at my husband and say “you decide.” I think that sometimes as women we feel like we need to do it all. Go against nature. I am the opposite. I believe that women or men can do anything, but I also believe that all of us need to remember our strengths and our weaknesses and be comfortable with who we are.

I can honestly say that I love the amount of power I have at work, but really love the fact that when I get home from work, I don’t have to be that person who is completely in-charge. I leave that to my Daddy.

So if you are thinking that a discipline relationship and a spanking dynamic might be right for you, don’t be afraid to give it a try. You may decide that it’s not for you, but at the very least I will bet you discover some valuable things about yourself and your partner in the process that will make your relationship much stronger.

Oh, and those uptight women who confuse a loving discipline relationship with abuse – I think a good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking just might change their mind.

I Really Need A Long Spanking

1Almost two weeks ago we added a new member to our family.  He is a sweet puppy and as everyone knows puppy’s take a lot of work, which means a schedule adjustment for us and not alot of time alone together. It has been almost two weeks since any alone time with Daddy.  It is starting to wear on me.  I feel like there is this wall between us.  He keeps reassuring me everything is good and I know we just need to let the puppy settle in and we will again have more special time together.

I am trying so hard not to get sassy and get myself in trouble but it is getting harder each day.

A Summer Saturday Afternoon Spanking

1Saturday’s are for relaxing. Last Saturday we found ourselves alone in the house which is unusual.   Once my husband figured that out, I was laying on the couch watching TV trying to stay cool in the current summer temperature.   My husband wasted no time and came over to me and said lay across my lap and I will rub your bottom. I said ok but we were upstairs which is at street level and people can see right into our family room. So I closed the blinds but didn’t close the windows.

As I lay across my husband’s lap I started to relax, I am sure he could tell as the rubs started to be spanks. First sweet with my shorts on, then pulling up my shorts along with my panties on each cheek and leaving his as he has said “three finger marking”. I realized that I could be heard if I made any noise. Not to mention the loud sound of each spank. So as my husband realized this due to my trying not to laugh and be playful, the spanks got harder and started to smart a little more than usual. He would say “what?” I would whisper “I can’t say anything people will hear me.” Each time I said that with my panties around my ankles he would spank a little harder and made sure that any of the dog walkers in the neighborhood walking by would hear it.

I can’t wait to see if anyone brings it up at the next neighborhood barbeque.

Secretly I loved every minute of it, it was fun, flirty and Daddy was definitely in control, which he confirmed once we were in the bedroom.

I Get 3 Different Kinds Of Spankings

1I have decided that the spankings my husband has written about need to be, for lack of a better phrase, on some kind of scale. So far, I have decided there are three levels of spankings – a sweet girl spanking, a good girl spanking, and finally a bad girl spanking.

Sweet girl spanking – this is for when I am sweet and cute, but need some attention over his lap. It’s a little stingy but fun joking with Daddy.

Good girl spanking – for when I am a little bit sassy and Daddy puts multiple finger prints on my bottom, but still joking some with Daddy.  I can’t wait for him to write about the nickel or the T.V. remote, but that is a whole different story.

Bad girl spanking- well this is when I have knowingly crossed the line. This means my panties are off quickly and a very hot bottom in the special chair I would like to give away when nobody is looking. There is no joking and no bottom rubbing until after the spanking.

I will continue to think if we need to add anything to the spanking scale which I guess we could also call “AHH!” “OHH!” and “OUCH!” spankings and would love to hear from those of you who have your own “spanking scale.”

A Little Trip In The Garden, Part 2

1I thought I would follow up on the status of my snow peas as you know my husband killed my first set.  I have sense replanted a new crop in the same place and they are up and a beautiful shade of green just as they should be.  My husband has vowed not to go anywhere near them.  I sure hope he keeps his promise.

A Little Trip In The Garden

1I love my husband dearly, no matter what.  He has always taken care of me, stood by my side no matter what and shows me every day how important I am to him.

I am a gardener by heart.   Every year for the last 20 plus years I grow a vegetable garden which includes multiple types of tomato plants, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, snow peas and my husband’s favorite green beans ( pole and bush.)   Oh and this year I am trying watermelon, we will see how that goes since I have never done that before.

I start planning in January/February time frame and start planting by March.  Almost everything I plant I start from seeds.  Very few plants do I or my husband actually buys.  It is so much cheaper and so simple to just start with seeds.  But it does take some work on your part.

This year I had the most beautiful snow peas.  The vines were healthy, beautiful color and had lots of white flowers which mean peas… Daddy and I had worked in the rain off and on all day to prep that part of the garden which is mostly roses and other bushes to get ready for the next day to spread bark.

It was a great day everything was ready for the next day and then my husband went outside later to look at what we had done to make sure all was good… and then he noticed an evergreen tree with its limbs hanging over the fence and thought he better trim those to keep needles out of the new bark.

Well he trimmed them and then he stepped back and needless to say tripped and fell on my beautiful peas which are now in the recycle bin.

I have planted new seeds since it is still early I just hope I get the same beautiful plants.

It took everything I had not to just flip out and end up over his lap with panties around my ankles.

plateYes I felt really bad.  My wife makes a great point. I would never spank her for an accident if she took the same little “trip” in the garden like I did.  But as she said, it wouldn’t be the accident that got her in trouble – it would likely be the little flip out afterward that would end up over my lap with panties around her ankles.

A Day Full Of Soup & Sitcoms

1Tuesday this week I was sick. When you drink your first cup of coffee and realize it isn’t sitting just right on your stomach and you are running to either the closest bathroom or a sink whichever one you can get to first, like most women you are thinking when was the last time I did this. Was it after a night of partying? Or was a change of life experience? Or was it just that you have a bug of some type.

For me it was a bug. This meant that I got to stay in bed and let Daddy take care of me. He would not come within 5 feet of me in the beginning, not really true, but he kept some distance, not that I blame him, and he did spoil me.

As I laid in bed with my water bottle and Daddy bringing me chicken soup or whatever I wanted I got to watch what I wanted on TV. I found one of my favorite sitcoms “Frasier.” I watched two episodes one of which if you are a Frasier fan was when everyone thought he was gay (remember those tennis shorts) and the other one is when he thinks Roz is in love with him but he is in a relationship with I think his new producer since Roz quit.

This woman was so annoying. Some of it was just what happens with anyone trying to fit into a new family and show your new boyfriend that you can fit in with his family. But she was just rude, taking phone calls at dinner, acting like she was already accepted into the family.

I could see Frasiers face each time his new girlfriend voiced her opinion and all I thought was….JUST SPANKED HER!!!

plateThe only thing worse than getting a discipline spanking when you deserve one is NOT getting a discipline spanking when you deserve one.

We Will Never Go To Bed Angry

1My husband is always trying to make sure that he is taking care of me. I had said to him I need to go to bed earlier since my schedule at work is always changing I feel like I am not getting enough rest.  My husband said great baby we will do that.

That night my husband made dinner earlier, made sure everything was put away and the kitchen was clean.  We were watching TV and my husband said shall we go to bed?  I said can we wait 10 minutes which was how much time until the end of the show.  He said ok so we watched til the end.  My husband turned off the TV and lights and went to our bedroom.  I forgot to do something so I went and did it real quick, well I thought it was quick.

When I came down the hall my husband came out of our bedroom and he was frustrated since I hadn’t come to bed yet.  I took his frustration as anger so then I got mad.  I was mad all night and still mad the next morning.

As we talked about why I got mad I realized my panties were pulled down and my husband kindly reminded me that we don’t go to bed mad.

I thought I was doing so well on not getting a “bad girl” spanking since the new rule on my alarm clock, until yesterday.

A Hard Good Girl Spanking

1Sometimes it is hard to find time with my husband, to be able to
‘ just be’ and let nature take its course, which also means I have to wait for a much needed “Good Girl” spanking.

Yesterday as nature was taking its course and I laid across my husband’s lap, he decided that I needed a HARD spanking.  Not a “Bad Girl” discipline spanking but close to one.  As he pulled the bottom of my panties up and smacked three hard times on the bottom of my left check and then smacked three hard times on my right check I was thinking “Oh no I’m in trouble!” That continued for a while but then my panties came off and then it was more intense but not to the next level.

After every series of hard smacks there were lots of gentle rubs before he started again. The more intense it got the more I could feel myself getting wet, and the harder it was to keep my legs down. It’s very hard to stay perfectly still.  The more I moved my legs the harder and more frequent the spankings were with no rubs in between, OK, note to self.

By the time he was done I was so wet which continued nature to take its course. I loved every minute of it even if I told him that I wasn’t sure. 🙂

Opps, I Forgot My Lunch! Part 2

1When I got home tonight I walked into our bathroom and there it was – The Plaque. “Don’t forget your lunch!” As you can see it is a very nice plaque.


I realize now that I will have no excuse (not that I needed one) my husband does most of the cooking and it is all from scratch so forgetting my lunch is very disappointing to me. I see now that he may feel differently.

I can’t wait until I say “D…I forgot my lunch!”  When it does I will let you know how that goes.

Consistency, Consequences, & Circumstances

plateIt’s been a while since we have posted on the blog – blame it on a very busy spring getting outdoors, good intentions, and just plain old ‘no time.’

One thing we have learned about creating a successful discipline relationship is the importance of consistency with the household rules, and consistency with the consequences for breaking them. That does not mean there are not times when circumstances must be considered – I believe there are and they should. However, when circumstance surrounding a broken rule comes into play and I decide a discipline spanking is not in order because of those circumstances, it is important that I discuss that decision with my wife, and never just ignore it.

Due to some changes at work, my wife has been under more stress than usual. Lack of sleep, unpredictable situations, and unhappy co-workers are among the things that have made her a little grumpier and ‘forgetful’ about our household rules than normal. I understand, and do my very best to be a supportive and loving husband in every way.

My wife will tell you she is never looking for a red-bottom discipline spanking. At the same time, if she feels that she has done something to deserve a red bottom and I ignore it, she is left feeling like I don’t care, she doesn’t have my attention, or the situation is not important to me – and that is not true at all. In my mind I am only being understanding of the circumstances.

So, while I always explain the reason why she is going to be spanked before a discipline spanking, I realize that explaining the reason why I am not going to spank her bottom for something is equally important so she understands I am not ignoring the situation and I love and support her very much.

If that doesn’t work, nothing says you have my full attention and I love and support you like being over my lap with your panties pulled down.

1As my husband said lots going on at work, and trust me he has been so considerate. My bottom should of been a deep red many times. I am so very lucky to have him in my life.

My bottom is very warm right now and yes I enjoyed every minute of it (well maybe not every minute) but it was not a “bad girl spanking.”  When he wants to get my attention, he spanks one cheek over and over and it is very stingy. It’s his secret weapon. When he does it, I can’t keep my feet down no matter how hard I try, and he hates that. So I am sure that very soon I will be writing about how my husband has decided to address this.

To my husband, thank you so much, I love you with all my heart.

You May Freeze The Chicken? Really?

1I thought I would share with everyone a little moment that happens in everyday life, even if you are not in a Discipline Relationship.

 My husband and I went to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store or any store shopping is a whole new experience which I will write more about at another time. We got almost everything on our list and we see that the store has chicken on sale which wasn’t on our list but we didn’t have any in the freezer so we got some.

 After we got home I asked “Did you put the chicken in the freezer?” He said no it is in the refrigerator downstairs. I said “Oh ok I will put it in the freezer” and he says “Well I think it should be split apart into freezer bags and then frozen.”  I looked at my husband and said “Well, it only has five pieces in the package but ok.”

 My husband looks at me and says “You’re right we do a lot with cooked chicken so….you may freeze the chicken.”  He continues to talk and I said “You may freeze the chicken?  I now have your permission to freeze the chicken?” My husband said “Yes you have my permission to freeze the chicken” with that little innocent smile.

 As I gave him that little look like really?  I have your permission to freeze the chicken?  I left the room wiggling my bottom at him. As he says I should watch it.  I just giggled.  Probably not the smartest thing and I am sure this is not the end of ‘freezing the chicken.’


Yes, I Like A Stingy Bottom

1I can imagine that some who don’t understand what a Discipline Relationship is might think that the submissive person in the relationship likes pain.  That is not true.  I hate pain and do not like when I get a discipline spanking. But I do like a stingy bottom.

Why you may ask – well a stingy bottom means many things.  One it means a “good girl” spanking which is a fun spanking.  A spanking where I can tell Daddy hey “I thought this was a good girl spanking” meaning the spanking I got was a little more than I was expecting and yes, that makes my bottom sting a little.  As I said it is a good girl spanking, meaning he will kindly remind me that I forgot my lunch two days in a row (I think there is a new rule is coming about that) or I didn’t put my robe away or I was a little snippy or I was very distant thinking of other things instead of focusing on what I should be.

A stingy bottom not only helps me focus but it also means that I get to spend special time with Daddy.  I think he likes me to have stingy bottom to kindly remind me of what my bottom could feel like if I don’t focus on the right things.  It also makes me feel warm, safe, and very sexy.

Think about it for a minute – how many times have those of you not in a Discipline Relationship had your husband swat you on the bottom when you were just being flirty with each other.  Didn’t it make you feel sexy?  I bet it did.

The Snooze Alarm & A Red Bottom

plateRecently my wife has decided that it is a good idea to set our alarm at least an hour  before we actually need to be up in the morning, and then set the snooze button to go off every 10 minutes afterward.

As the Head of Household part of my job is to initiate the rules and I have decided we have a new one – the alarm is only allowed to go off twice.  It is fine to hit the snooze button one time, and then it’s up and out of bed on the second alarm.

Now when it comes to discipline spanking, we have never had a fixed number of smacks on the bottom for breaking a particular rule. Rather, when it comes to bad girl spankings it is completely up to me to decide how it will be handled which I do depending on the circumstances.

However, we are going to deal with the snooze alarm problem differently.  If the alarm goes off a third time, the punishment will be five bare bottom smacks for each alarm – yes, 15 for the third alarm, 20 for the fourth, and so it goes.

This morning my wife hit the snooze button at least 6 times, so you do the math and we will see how motivated she is tomorrow morning.

plateSo, my wife was quick to point out that 5 smacks per alarm meant that one side of her bottom would get more attention than the other. Fair enough, I would not want either the left or right cheek to feel left out so 6 smacks per alarm it is.

1Yes, I was quick to point out that if I am not motivated now, each cheek needs to be spanked evenly. Since he made this rule, which I new this was coming at some point as I have been doing this for years.

I am probably not helping myself right now, but I think that for each week I am motivated to break this habit I should get something special that is personal that only I and my husband would know the meaning of.

Of course this week should only be four days long.  I will keep you posted.

plateAfter agreeing on the new ‘snooze alarm’ rule a few weeks ago my wife has done really well, until this morning.  She not only hit the snooze button once or twice, but 7 times.  Yep, 7.

Let’s see, the rule is 6 bare bottom smacks for each alarm so you do the math.  She is a bit anxious at work today knowing that when she gets home tonight her cute little bottom is going to be a little sore.

1Just as my husband said the morning wake up alarm went of 7 times, as I was anxious at work all day knowing fully that a bad girl spanking was in my near future ( like when I got home ) but it didn’t happen that same day because of family obligations.

As you can imagine I was anxious the whole next day and thinking did I do anything else to increase the amount of time I would be laying across his lap.  The answer to that is no, but I will say that he was true to his word about the 6 spanks per alarm after it goes off the third time.

I even thought that maybe if I wear his favorite panties he might after seeing them maybe deviate a little from the number I knew was coming.  The answer is no, but I will say that my panties did stay on a little longer than normal.  Since they stayed on a little longer each swat was harder which stung longer even after my panties were around my ankles.  My bottom was very warm for a long time afterwards.

Of course I had a lot of my husband special attention afterwards.  I love you Daddy very much.

The Spanking Hand, Part 4

1Well it seems that no matter how much pain Daddy was in, he had enough of my attitude since his hand has not been working that well.  I am sure he could tell that it had been too long since we had that personal closeness together.  I spent a lot of time across his lap last night and I thought for sure that I was going to keep the color he had given me for awhile longer than usual.

I knew I needed a good spanking, but didn’t realize how much until the first tears started and me trying to be still.  I think that is the hardest part at times.  Trying not to cry is hard but trying to stay still when you know what is coming is even harder, at least for me.

I forgot how much I miss Daddy taking care of me afterwards, holding me, telling me how important I am to him.  Making sure that I am both physically and emotionally happy, safe and secure.  I can’t begin to describe how relaxed I was the rest of the night.

The Spanking Hand, Part 3

1Well my husbands spanking hand has been acting up again (and no, he did not hurt it spanking my bottom) which means no spankings for me lately. I have to say I am getting pretty restless.  You know that feeling when you really want something and can’t have it.  If you are like me then you pout and get grumpy, frustrated, and sarcastic because in this type of situation you know Daddy can’t discipline you the way you need it so you tend to take advantage just a little.

I am trying to be good and take care of my husband.  But it appears to be harder than I thought not being able to even have time to lay across his lap and feel his closeness.  No good girl spankings lately but I am sure if you asked Daddy when his hand is better I will be getting a “really good bad girl spanking” because he has been taking notes.

The Spanking Hand, Part 2

1I am happy to report that my husband did go to the doctor, his hand and wrist will be just fine.  After this post my husband got creative in finding items around the house that he could use to give me a good girl spanking until his spanking hand got better.  I can tell you that at first I thought “oh no this is going to turn out to be a bad girl spanking” but it wasn’t.  As much as I enjoyed laying across my husbands lap after that many days of not being able to, I have to say that I prefer his hand on my bottom.  It was nice but when he doesn’t use his hand I don’t feel the same closeness.

Needless to say his hand healed quickly for New Years Eve and he wasted no time making it up to me.  My bottom still tingles this morning just thinking about how content and relaxed he made me.

I love you Daddy.  Happy New Year!

Oh No, Not The Spanking Hand!

1First, we really hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  I know that we feel very blessed.

I find myself in a weird situation that I never really gave much thought about this happening, but I have been very good and only have had good girl spankings for quite awhile now but my husband hurt his wrist and yes, it is his spanking hand.  It has been almost a week since I have laid across his lap and felt his hand on my bottom.  I have used the “you need to go see the doctor” but of course in true male fashion my husband says “no, it will be fine.”

I am thinking that I have only one thing I can do to motivate my husband to go see the doctor.  In true female fashion I am going to have to take stand.  I will have to hold back everything.  No more personal attention.  You know things like my bottom and all that comes with that.

Wish me luck! This could end with me having a very, very sore bottom.  But if that means he sees the doctor then it is a chance I am willing to take.

We Made It Through Thanksgiving

1I am happy to say that Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun but stressful.  I am also happy to report that I made it without getting a “bad girl spanking” at the end.  I have to say it was hard at times not to just let my attitude take over.

It was close when my husband used all the onion we had as he did not realize I needed some for the stuffing.  I had to make two trips to the grocery store before they closed which then put me behind schedule.

As you can imagine I just kept telling myself “ it’s all good we have all the time in the world don’t panic.”  What that really means is I kept telling myself  “don’t do anything that ends up with you across Daddy’s lap for something you could of prevented.”

A Little Bit Of Holiday Stress

1I really hope that everyone takes a moment to be thankful for everything this year and enjoy each other.  With family, friends and the unexpected guests that will be arriving for the holiday weekend I can already feel the stress.  Good stress but still stress.

Daddy will do what he always does.  He will make sure everyone is happy, has had more than enough to eat ( he does most of the cooking ) and has their favorite drink.

I will be trying not to think about the fact that for three days I will have to wait for a good girl spanking. Daddy will make sure I am happy and walk by with a little swat or a little rub and all I will be thinking about is that I need to lay across his lap and just have a few minutes of alone time to allow me to relax and to remember for the next few hours how his hand feels on my bottom.

I get really stressed when I don’t get a few moments for a good girl spanking when I want and need it.  Which means I could end the weekend with a very sore bottom.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  I also hope that my bottom never gets past a nice shade of pink.

Combining Discipline And Intimacy, Part 2

1Yes as my husband said “good girl spankings” are a vital part of our Discipline relationship.  They are important to me because they allow us to focus on us.  I do try really hard not to get a “bad girl spanking.”  Trust me, when my husband says that good girl and bad girl spankings are different he is not kidding.

If my husband could not console me after a “bad girl spanking” I truly believe that we would not have this type of relationship. For me, not being comforted after a bad girl spanking would send the wrong message.  I would be worried that he doesn’t forgive me and that he considers his role as Head of Household some kind of power trip, which he does not.  My husband knows how well I do with someone who is arrogant or demeaning.

I personally need that additional attention.  I need to have my husband hold me, console me, and tell me that he loves me.  I believe that it is important and it creates a closeness that I cannot begin to describe.

I do prefer and need good girl spankings and as we have written about before, and I need them on a regular basis.  If I don’t get one within two days of the last one you could bet money that a “bad girl spanking” is going to happen and happen quickly because of my attitude.

Some would say that I am spoiled but I would say no. I can tell you that it has been almost two hours since my last good girl spanking and my bottom still stings so why on earth would I ever do something to get a bad girl spanking on purpose?

Our Rules Are Common, And Uncommon

plateThe rules in our household are pretty common – respect, open communication, responsibility,  and should add here that I never expect anything from my wife that I do not expect from myself, that is just how we roll.

I do have a few rules that may be a bit uncommon, but they are my little pet peeves and so in the spirit of harmony in our relationship we have agreed that breaking them is a quick route to a bad girl spanking.

The pocket rule – credit cards, cash, and other valuables are never to be left in your pants, coats, or any other ‘pockets.’  Put them away where they are safe and secure after a stop at the gas station or grocery store.  I understand that her purse is a mystery in itself and putting these things away quickly may be a challenge in itself, but that is her personal zone and I except that but pockets are off limits.

Sugar on the coffee maker – my wife loves sugar in her coffee. We have one of those Keurig machines that makes one cup at a time. Somehow, the sugar finds its way to the “drip tray” on the machine and turns into some kind of super glue almost immediately.  I am not sure exactly how this happens.  Seems simple to me, make the coffee, put sugar in the coffee away from the machine, stir the coffee and enjoy.

Don’t leave it in the car – this one just came up today when I drove my wife’s car.  A few stray cans of soup and soda pop bought long ago still rolling around on the floor of the back seat when they should have been brought inside and put away with the other groceries.

Empty TP rolls on the TP hook in our bathroom – an obvious one, replace it and throw away the empty roll.  The same thing applies to paper towels in the kitchen.

Unmatched socks – my wife in wonderful about doing laundry and putting it away.  However, it is never OK to put ‘one sock’ without its partner in my sock drawer.  I have put a ‘lonely hearts bin’ for unmatched socks in my closet where they can wait for their mate to show up, toss them in there.  I should mention we once had a big problem with used dryer sheets being found all over the house, but not for a long time.

My wife may say that the list of my pet peeves is much longer than this, and she is probably right.  I am more than happy to work on a longer list.

1I have to say that I do agree with everything my husband said about common and uncommon rules.  But I have to defend myself on the stray soup and pop cans in my car today.

First the soup cans he put them in the spot in the back of my car and I didn’t see them.  Also we purchased them together and he did not help me carry them into the house.  Maybe if he did those soup cans would have been put away long ago.

Second the pop cans all were in their cases and I had just purchased them last night. But after I had brought in, and put away the rest of the groceries I decided that going back out and getting the pop could wait until today.   Next time I will just ask him to get the pop.

Yes my husband has a lot of pet peeves that would take him days to write about.  They are little things that seem to bug him.  So let’s talk about one of mine.

I am the one that stops at the grocery store on my way home from work if there is something we need and I also get the mail.  My husband will open the door for me when I get home with groceries, purse, work items, and mail in hand.  He will then pull the only piece of mail out of my hand that he wants to see and then walks back to the kitchen counter, hops up on the bar stool and reads it.  I set the bags of groceries, work items and mail down.  Then I take off my shoes and put my work items, shoes, keys and purse away in the closet and take the groceries and the mail into the kitchen.   I put the groceries away while he then looks at the rest of the mail.

Does anyone else know how frustrating it is to walk into the house and have your husband take one little item out of your hands and then go sit down to read it while you finish bringing in the rest of the items and then put them away yourself?

No wonder I left items in my car to wait until another day to put away.

I could go on and on about my other pet peeves but right now I am sure this will be the longest post we have made so far.

My Very First Spanking, Revisited

1When my husband first talked to me about a Discipline lifestyle, I was kind of like huh?  I knew about people who liked to be spanked but had not really heard about it this way before.  He sat me down and said here are the basics, here are some different web sites and then he said, I think this is what we need in our marriage. 

I did a lot of homework looking for a 101 dummy guide to a Discipline life but of course there isn’t one.  Then I wrote down all my questions and the things that scared me.  We talked about it a lot to make sure we were both on the same page of how we wanted this to work in our marriage.  As I stated before “Corner Time” is not something we practice, but if it works for you great.  That’s just the type of thing we discussed and came to agreement on.

Next we needed to see if I was comfortable lying across his lap.  At first I was nervous then I realized how painful this could be and then I was scared because I didn’t know if I could emotionally accept the pain.  Submitting to my husband has never really been an issue.  But submitting almost instantly was a concern.

After lying across his lap and being spanked I realized that there truly was a closer connection between us just waiting for us to take advantage of this and to fall deeper in love with each other.

After my very first spanking we both also realized that I liked being spanked without me even telling Daddy since my panties were very wet.  Now they are wet regardless if I get a “Good Girl” spanking or a “Bad Girl” spanking although I would prefer….well you know.  Thank you Daddy.