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Playing Hooky

1  This last week I took an unexpected day of vacation. For whatever reason Daddy and I were not on the same page. I knew that if I didn’t figure out how to be able to be alone with Daddy we would continue down a path that wasn’t good.

Usually if I stay home from work unexpected he will ask if everything is ok.  This day he didn’t, he knew we needed this time alone to discuss what the issue was.

As we talked about what was going, I realized that it was a misunderstanding.  And it was me that didn’t understand.

Needless to say after sometime over Daddy’s lap with him explaining and reassuring me that all was good, I felt so much better.  I know he did too.


Horoscope Off By A Day

1As you can see by my last post my horoscope said “be careful today or discipline will be needed”.  I pretty much made it through that day until late that night I got a little snippy but since we weren’t alone my husband did not correct me right away.

The next morning I was still a little snippy but I didn’t think much about it and my husband hadn’t said anything about what happened the night before as of that morning.

For those of us who live this lifestyle we all know if we are the submissive one that it isn’t always a good thing if we are snippy and it can’t be addressed right away.  If you are someone like me it’s like having a “green light” to just keep going.

Well the “green light” turned to an almost pure “red light” I stress almost.

Once we were alone my husband wasted no time taking me into the bedroom.  Once I was over his lap he pulled my panties up so my cheeks were bare and gave me six very stingy spanks on each cheek before he rubbed.  I said ” ouch” and asked isn’t this suppose to be a “good girl spanking”?  He didn’t say a word as he continued and my panties came off.

As I tried not to wiggle or say anything, my husband finally said ” don’t you think you have been a little “Sassy” last night and today”.  I said well, “yes” I guess so.  My husband “no guessing” about it with several more hard spanks to my bottom.  “Yes” I said I have been sassy.

My husband said ” good” because the next level of spanking is ” bad girl” and I know you don’t want that.

No I don’t.