A Quick Note

1I realize it has been a while since we have posted anything on our site.  Time flies, and we’ve had so many unexpected life events that have required our full attention. No really bad stuff, just multiple little things that happened all at once around the house and so we haven’t had much time to post on our blog.

To give you just one example is that the new washing machine has died, and it won’t be fixed for another couple of weeks as we are waiting on parts. Not just one little part, but 3 big parts coming from the factory. That means I get to go to the laundry mat. If you haven’t been to a laundry mat in a while, consider yourself lucky. I can honestly say it is scary. So as you can imagine the amount of sass I have when I get back can be a little overwhelming.

Oh, and Thanksgiving is coming which means a houseful of family and friends, followed by the holidays and all the “fun” that comes with them.

Anyway, we are both looking forward to posting more on the blog when things begin to quiet down around here and everything gets back to normal, whatever normal is.


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